vaccine mandates

Dis-order in the Court

Thirty years ago, President Ronald Reagan signed into law The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Congress created the law to compensate vaccine-injured children, while at the same time ensure the continuity of the vaccine supply and hopefully improve vaccine safety.

Prior to the act, parents were able to sue vaccine manufacturers directly. The increasing number of payouts of course wasn't good for the bottom line, and the drug makers complained that the lawsuits would bankrupt them if they didn't stop -and thus risk ending vaccine programs across the country. So in order to ensure the health of the herd, Congress stepped in and created the NCVIA.

The new law forced parents to sue the US government in a Special Claims Court for compensation instead of suing the pharmaceutical companies themselves. It was decided that vaccinations were a necessary procedure, even though their safety was clearly questionable -as was shown in the increasing number of injuries and deaths...and payouts.

Though the intention was not to bestow blanket immunity on vaccine manufacturers from all design defect claims, The Third Circuit Court ruled that...

“[n]o vaccine manufacturer shall be
liable in a civil action for damages
arising from a vaccine-related injury or
death ... if the injury or death resulted
from side effects that were “unavoidable”
even though the vaccine was properly
prepared and was accompanied by
proper directions and warnings.”

In other words, vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” That phrase is a source of contention because, heck...knives are unavoidably unsafe too, but we don't sue knife makers if our kid cuts off a finger. The difference here though is that we don't require kids to walk around with knives as a condition for attending school.

Because of this law (as well as compulsory vaccination programs and compulsory school attendance laws,) the pharmaceutical companies are essentially free to literally get away with government-sanctioned murder.

In order to be awarded money in this court, one has to prove causation -i.e that vaccines caused the injury....not a terribly easy thing to do, I'm sure. Especially considering that many pediatricians are paid huge bonuses by vaccine manufacturers if 100% of their patients are fully vaccinated (in case you were wondering why your pediatrician kicked you out for refusing to vaccinate your kid -it wasn't for the safety of his “herd.”) I wouldn't count on them testifying in court on your behalf and risk losing their sweet-ass deal.

However even though it's difficult to prove causation, it's not entirely impossible. To date, the court has paid out nearly $4 billion to families of children who were injured or killed as a result of a vaccine. To be clear though...that's the payout for those that were actually successful in proving their case. That number doesn't reflect the ACTUAL number of injuries. More people lose in court than win, and many more don't even make it to court at all because many deaths and injuries are blamed on something else entirely (like SIDS, for example.)

Now, want to hear something interesting?

As you might expect with an increase in mandatory vaccination laws being rolled out across the country, there is also an increase in the number of injuries and deaths (as well as an increase in the number of vaccinated children coming down with the very diseases they're supposed to be protected from.) And with those injuries, there has also been an increase in vaccine court settlement payouts...a 400% increase ($22.8M -2014 to $114M -2015.)

The payouts from flu shot injuries alone increased the most by more than 1000% ($4.9M to $61M!)...but hey...keep lining up for that flu shot, lab rats!)

These are innocent. Fucking. Children. Sacrificed in the name of public safety by well-intentioned parents who weren't given informed consent...which doesn't actually exist, by the way. Why?

Because the science “proving” vaccine safety and efficacy is a sham. If it weren't, vaccines would not only work as advertised, but they would be safe as well (and pharmaceutical companies wouldn't need special laws shielding them from litigation.)

But they don't, and they're not, and you're being lied to by everyone involved in this ridiculous scam because greedy, needle-wielding psychopaths think your children are cattle and they expect you to adopt a “herd” mentality and cede control of your children over to the government.

Vaccine mandates are a hostile takeover of parental rights.

Where there is risk, there must be choice.