Frequently asked questions


what conditions do you work with?

The human condition. I differentiate between disease and dis-ease. A 'disease' isn't the cause of your symptoms. It is merely a name given to a collection of symptoms. This makes it easy for an allopathic doctor to determine which drug intervention to use to manage your symptoms. In this way, you are never "cured." I'm not interested in treating your 'disease,' because I'm not interested in only helping you manage your symptoms. Symptoms are a signal that your body isn't functioning properly, likely due to a poor environment and poor lifestyle habits. If you're in a state of dis-ease, I want to find out what's causing your symptoms and help you restore your body back into a state of ease and keep it there.

how long does it take to heal?

That's up to you. It’s important to understand that it’s not reasonable to expect to undo decades of damage in a few weeks. There are many factors involved in determining how long it will take for an individual to heal, such as your level of participation and commitment, your individual health issues, and your current state of vitality. The healing process should never be thought of as a static concept with a one-size-fits-all mentality. We are all unique individuals with different histories, abilities, lifestyles, and needs. The healing process will be as unique as you, and I like to allow it to unfold naturally as your body allows.

how many programs do you have?

One. Other practitioners may offer a "90 Day Hormone Balancing Program" or a "60 day Adrenal Reset" that focuses in on that one particular thing, but I don't. I'm only interested in full and complete healing as much as possible, and in order for that to happen we need to get to the root cause of your problems. Symptoms and "dis-ease" rarely ever occur "out of the blue" or alone. Things like imbalanced hormones, adrenal dysregulation, or poor gut function are usually downstream effects (that may also have more serious consequences further downstream) caused by malfunctions upstream. When you understand this, you realize that "quick-fix" programs make absolutely no sense if you don't address the root problem - otherwise, your dis-ease will return. Uncovering all causes and dealing with their effects is the only logical course of action to take for true and complete healing.

how much does the program cost?

Compared to what? My main focus is your health, and we haven't even determined what it will take to get you well. A better question to ask is: what is the value of this program? What would it be worth to you to have the quality of life you wish to have vs. the quality you currently have now? Are there activities you love to do that you no longer can do because of your health issues? How long have you been suffering with your dis-ease, and how great would it be to be free from it? Are you tired of being told, "There's nothing wrong with you. Your labs look fine." when clearly there's something wrong? Do you wish that for once, you had somebody on your side eager to partner with you to co-create health, wellness, and vitality? Knowing how to properly take care of oneself is an extremely valuable skill and responsibility that not everybody is willing to take on. The truth is, your health is your most valuable possession, and it should never be subject to the whims of the lowest bidder nor measured in dollars and cents. It's priceless.

can i do this program without using insurance?

Yes! In fact, one of the ways I'm able to keep costs down, while also helping my clients achieve good outcomes is by not accepting insurance. You see, in order to remain profitable, it's a common practice for insurance companies to limit the amount of care you receive from your provider. In other words, the insurance company decides what kind of care you will receive - not you, not your practitioner. Many of the things I specialize in aren't even covered, especially in the area of prevention, nutrition, and functional lab testing. Some insurance plans or Health Savings Accounts may reimburse you for labs fees. To find out, talk to your insurance company.

do you have a payment plan?

Yes! If financial assistance is needed for the cost of the program, payment arrangements can be made plus a 5% processing fee per payment. I ask for half down up front, one payment in 30 days, and the balance by day 60.

are lab fees separate from the program cost?

Yes. Because every person is different, there's no way to determine how many/which labs you will need to run. Lab fees are separate and are paid by you directly to the lab. I have no affiliation with - nor receive any compensation from - any laboratory. However, I do work very closely with them to ensure you get the best pricing possible.

how much do lab fees run?

That depends on your particular health issues and how many labs we run. The necessary lab test(s) will be determined during our initial discovery session and will depend upon the information discussed at that time. Expect to spend on average between $500-$1000 for initial testing. In some cases it may be advisable to run follow-up tests to ensure proper functioning of a particular system (e.g. proper hormone balancing or complete G.I. pathogen eradication.)

is lab testing essential for the program?

Yes! Labs are a vital part of the process in uncovering hidden malfunctions and discovering healing opportunities. Without them we're just guessing what's wrong with you. I don't guess...I test.

what about supplements?

The supplement industry is by and large unregulated. Testing has revealed that many off-the-shelf supplements don't contain what is claimed to be inside. Furthermore - most professional grade supplements being resold on Amazon or other "open-to-the-public" online-retailers and discount sites are done so illegally by shady sources, and they're usually expired or corrupted. This is where it (literally) pays to know what you are buying. I use practitioner grade botanicals and supplements from only the top names in the industry, that have been rigorously tested and proven to work. They can be extremely useful to get things moving in the right direction quickly to keep you motivated to continue your program. In any case, I prefer to use them for the short term and only if necessary. I'm more interested in you learning the value of healthy lifestyle choices over healing through pills. Sometimes due to certain medical procedures, genetic issues, or environmental factors, on-going supplementation may factor in as part of your long-term health strategy. As with everything, you are encouraged to run any supplementation recommendations by your physician.

do you offer refunds?

Yes! If you cancel your program for any reason within thirty days from the start date, refunds will be made minus the amount of hours I have invested in your case, billed at $250.00/hr as long as test results have not been delivered to you. No refunds after thirty days or once your test results have been delivered to you, whichever comes first. If you need to put your program on hold due to unforeseen events, I'm happy to do so on an individual basis.

how long will we work together?

We will work together for 6-8 months. If more time is desired or necessary, we can work together on a discounted hourly basis for $175/hr.

do i still need a primary care doctor?

That's up to you. I do not require that you have one, need one, or should quit one. Just know that I am not a physician or a medical specialist. I'm not available for medical emergencies, nor am I on call 24/7.  I will not diagnose you or treat you for any specific disease, nor will I ask you to quit taking any prescription drugs recommended by your physician. However, it's important for you to understand that you are free to pursue any course of action you wish pertaining to your health. All lab results will be provided to you for you to keep and share with your physician if you wish.