The Vitality Project


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vi·tal·i·ty • /vīˈtalədē/ • noun

“The state of being strong and active; energy. High life force.”

practical & personal

  • 6-8 month program individually tailored to fit your specific needs and allows your plan to unfold naturally as we move forward

  • Root-cause analysis and case conceptualization to identify practical solutions for optimizing your health

comprehensive & convenient

  • Extensive review of your intake form, present lifestyle, and future goals

  • Monthly consults to track your progress, answer questions, and keep you engaged to keep you moving forward towards success

  • We can work together from anywhere in the world via video chat, email, and phone

intelligent & educational

  • functional lab testing done in the privacy of your own home uncovers healing opportunities in the form of hidden stressors and dysfunctions in your body.

  • Targeted supplementation to build health intelligently

  • Teaches you how to properly care for your body, mind, & spirit so you can live, work, and play like a human should

12 Fundamentals of (r)Evolutionary Health


For decades we’ve been taught that creating health is as simple as popping a pill. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

While it’s true that in some situations medications and supplements can save lives, the reality is that you’re never going to out-supplement a poor lifestyle.

It’s also true that “absence of symptoms” doesn’t necessarily mean “good health”.

The Vitality Project focuses on addressing the 12 Fundamentals of (r)Evolutionary Health so you can live your best life. 

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the Vitality Project

Vitality Project bonus features

  • Professional-grade supplements via your own on-line dispensary with privileged pricing

  • Lab testing at my wholesale cost

  • Lifestyle Optimization Program in video format to help get you started building health immediately

  • Optional personalized mindfulness training program with a doctor of psychology to help you create lasting, sustainable change throughout the program and beyond

  • Invite to our private Facebook group with other members of the B+LHN community

  • Discounted rates for additional family members added to the program

live better • feel better

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