On Becoming "Whole"

The words “healthy” and “holy” come from the same Anglo-Saxon word “hale” meaning “whole.” Think about that for a minute.

To be "healthy" means to be "whole." 

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I consider the whole person - not just your symptoms. I utilize functional lab testing to determine how well ALL of your systems are working, that way we can develop a better plan on how to make you whole again.

But even more so, I also take in to consideration your mindset, because I know that you cannot have a healthy body unless you also have a healthy mind. What you think, you become. If your thoughts are filled with poison, don't expect the body to be healthy or whole.

Now think about the word “holy.”

“Holy” is usually used when discussing matters of the spirit, and the implication is that in order to truly be whole (and healthy,) one must take in to account body, mind, AND spirit. I think it's important to acknowledge that there is a universal “one-ness” that binds us all...the collective conscious, if you will. I believe it exists as the sum totality of the human experience, including all things alive in nature. You cannot exist independent from it. It exists because we exist, and vice-versa. We are all one. Whole. Holy. 

Now consider the word “holiday” or “holy” day...a day to become whole. Holy days are sacred. "Sacred" means "to dedicate to make something holy"  - whole. We tend to celebrate several holidays each year, but how often do we make them a celebration of being whole? In fact, holidays have become nothing more than an exercise in gluttony to destroy the body, mind, and spirit  - the opposite of healthy...or holy...or whole.

If you ask me, everyday should be a sacred holy-day. Dedicate some time each day toward becoming whole. With each sunrise comes the opportunity to unite your body, mind, and spirit in wholeness and harmony. Don't waste a single one on becoming anything less than what you were designed to be.