Scream All You Want, No One's Going To Save You

From cradle to grave, civilized human beings live an incredibly savage existence.

Our children are delivered into this world by strangers inside a concrete box under fake lights because mothers have been hypnotized into believing they're incapable of performing the most natural, primal, human act there is - bringing forth human life in the natural way it was intended. We allow -insist, even - that strangers deliberately inject these most vulnerable members of our tribe with foreign human, animal, and insect DNA, heavy metals, and antibiotics (anti = against or killing, bios = life; so, literally - "life-killing") because we're told they'll make our babies robust and healthy, and we allow strangers to strap our sons down and mutilate their genitals because of some ancient tradition that thought the body's openings were portals through which impure and malignant spirits might penetrate. It was a purification ritual.

Then, instead of acknowledging that humans are "mammals," (which comes from "mammary glands" - the glands that secrete milk) mothers are once again brainwashed into feeding their children “formulas" instead of nature's perfect food - which was designed over the course of a couple million years to actually nourish and grow a healthy human. Baby's next foods will be different versions of the same old formula, designed to be less nutritious, yet more addictive, so as to create a good, lifelong consumer: sugar covered rice puffs, powdered cheese covered corn puffs, and compressed bits of diseased animals raised in horrific conditions. All the collective medical science and nutritional wisdom we like to brag about having in this country, and this is what the food geniuses have deemed a species-appropriate diet...for children.

These poor, tiny creatures are regularly left alone to “cry it out” whenever they call out for reassurance because somebody somewhere thought it would be a good idea to shame parents into believing that children need to learn how to "self-soothe," so as not to "need" the parent too much. As if the familial bonds of love and affection were a negative trait to instill in a child. This is really an apt lesson to teach early on if you want to be welcomed into the folds of polite society: "Scream all you want, no one's going to save you."

Polite society doesn't like rebels. Obey, or else.

And this all occurs just within the first 4 years of life...from there it really gets bananas.

As soon as they're old enough, we ship our children off to spend their day inside more concrete boxes under more fake lights with more strangers to start training on how to be a good citizen, a loyal worker, and ardent memorizer and test taker. Good grades and a raised hand get you a gold star and an ice cream party. Bad grades and talking out of turn get you detention and Ritalin. All of it is designed with one purpose in mind: control. IF children ever go outside, they're covered from head to toe in clothes and sunblock, because we've been told that after a couple million years, the sun has suddenly decided it wants to murder us.

Twelve more years of compulsory learning, more poison injections, more "life-killing" medications, more shitty food products, more wi-fried brains, more screen addictions, more depression and anxiety...

...less sleep, less water, less sunshine, less time with family, less free time to play and move outdoors, less autonomy, less remembering what it means to actually live like a wild human.

The beautiful savage nature that is inherent in our children from birth is treated like a pathological disease that needs to be medicated and managed if polite society is going to function like a well-oiled machine.

At the ripe old age of eighteen, we kick them out of the nest to be indoctrinated into the cult of compulsory consumerism, and they spend the next decade or two or three acquiring massive amounts of soul-crushing debt, which forces them to labor inside more concrete boxes at jobs they hate for bosses they loathe for money to buy more shiny objects they're convinced will make their lives better...happier.

More shitty food. Three hundred channels of commercials and reality tell-lie-vision lulling you into believing that your life ain't too bad compared to those schmucks. The cycle repeats with each generation living a pharmed-out life of quiet desperation, acting out with reckless abandon towards their bodies and minds as they try to fill the gaping hole left behind from where they severed their umbilical ties with Mother Earth.

Just smile and wave, and wave. Everything will be okay. And yet through our clenched smiles, there's a nagging feeling that civilization is a tinderbox filled with glowing embers, about to ignite and burn the whole shit house down at any moment.

And if it does, everyone will scratch their heads and ask "Why did this happen? How could this happen?"

My response to that is: What did you think would happen?

Humans today are acting the same way ANY captive animal would act if it was forced to live disconnected from it's natural environment. Polite society has become a cage that pretends to keep us safe from the "savage" wildness intrinsic to humanity...if only we would conform and obey. We're disconnected from nature, disconnected from ourselves, and disconnected from each other. Just look at how quick we are to brutalize each other in comments on social media. No civility. No humility. No class.

And surprise surprise...we're getting sicker because of our disconnection from our source. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer's, hypothyroidism, obesity, depression, anxiety, childhood illnesses - all increasing across the board. Meanwhile, life expectancy is down for the first time in nearly four decades. Why is anyone still listening to the bozos in charge of our healthcare system? How can you have stats like that and still be relevant or get to have a seat at the table? We have an entire population informed by dietary and nutritional guidelines set forth by corrupt governmental policy makers, uneducated healthcare experts, and paid-for corporate scientists, and guess who among us is thriving?

The ones who aren't taking their advice. Boom.

I think on some level, we instinctively know something is wrong with the way we're living...otherwise the only way to characterize the way we live - the willful daily poisoning of not only our body, mind, and spirit, but also the planet we live on – is either brilliant stupidity, willful ignorance, or full-on insanity. Yet sometimes I secretly like to believe that we're subconsciously trying to destroy everything we've created because we instinctively know what we're doing is wrong, and we need to get back to learning and remembering how to tend to the wilderness that we all so desperately need right now.