The Essentials Program



  • 6-8 month program, individually tailored to fit your specific history, needs, goals, and lifestyle.

  • Designed to engage the body's self-healing mechanism & bring balance to the various systems in your body for true, root cause healing.

  • The Bio+Logical Health and Nutrition method evaluates 6 pillars of health:

    • 1) Energy production
      2) Detoxification/oxidation
      3) Brain health/mindset
      4) Diet/digestion
      5) Stress/hormones/inflammation
      6) Lifestyle/environment



  • Extensive intake process so I can know your past health history, your present lifestyle, and your future goals.

  • Detailed monitoring of your progress throughout the program.

cutting edge

  • I utilize state of the art functional lab testing to uncover healing opportunities in the form of hidden stressors and malfunctions in your body.

  • Lab kits mailed to you and done at your convenience at home. You ship your samples back to the lab in the prepaid mailer. Once the lab sends me the results, I make a personalized lab interpretation video to send you, along with a request to schedule an appointment to go over your results in depth.

intelligent and educational

  • Comprehensive, in-depth review of your history, lab results, and plan to move forward.

  • Complete functional health assessment.


  • Designed to be accessed and available online via my website and email, as well as by phone, text, and video conferencing. There's no need to see you in person...we can work together from anywhere in the world.

  • Monthly consults to review & track your progress, answer questions, keep you engaged, and hold you accountable.


personalized optimization

  • Customized plan designed to coach up your adaptive physiology to help you achieve your goals and optimize your health. I focus on you, not your disease or numbers on a paper.

  • Holistic, natural strategies that center around optimizing nutrition and eating habits, sleep, circadian biology, natural body movements, stress-reduction, personal growth and mindset, and intelligent supplementation.


bonus features

  • Access to professional grade supplements at a discount via your own personalized on-line dispensary.

  • Invite to a private Facebook group with other members of the Bio+Logical Health and Nutrition community.

  • Lifestyle Modification program in video format to help get you started and motivated.


  • A happier, healthier you - full of vitality!

  • Able to do the things you love the most with the people you love the most!

  • Less dependent on a broken, corrupt "disease management" system!

  • Finally have answers for why you feel the way you do and a plan for how to fix it.

  • Knowledge to last a lifetime!

live better. feel better.


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